Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

In view of the importance of personal information, Lapis strives to protect the privacy of our customers through strict compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and this Privacy Policy.

  • ■Definition of Personal Information

    Information related to an individual customer (hereafter, “personal information”) and that can be used to specify said specific customer such as their name, address, or telephone number. This includes information that can be used to identify an individual through combinations with other information.
  • ■Purposes of Obtaining Personal Information

    This site may ask customers to provide their e-mail address, name, address, credit card and other personal information within the following scope for the purposes of member registration, product purchase, applying for gifts or rewards, participation in online surveys to improve the website, and so on.
    1. To provide the services requested by customers, including delivering products to customers and sending them e-mails.
    2. To obtain statistical data in order to provide higher levels of service to customers.
  • ■Ensuring the Safety of Personal Information

    This site incorporates necessary measures such as maintaining security systems and developing internal management systems, in order to manage personal information appropriately. Personal information is managed rigorously through the implementation of these safety measures.
  • ■Use of Personal Information

    This site will in principle only use customers’ personal information within the scope of “Purposes of Obtaining Personal Information” above, and will obtain a prior agreement of customers when their personal information is used for purposes outside the scope of “Purposes of Obtaining Personal Information.”
  • ■Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information

    This site will not disclose or provide customers’ personal information to third parties save in the following situations.
    1. When the customer has given prior agreement.
    2. When disclosing or providing statistical data that will not identify individuals.
    3. When disclosing or providing to a third party that has signed a contract on the confidentiality of personal data and the prohibition of re-provision and sharing of responsibility in the event of an accident, warranting that it will handle personal information in the same manner as this site.
    4. When required to disclose in accordance with legal requirements by a court, prosecutor, police and other judicial or administrative bodies.
    5. When the necessity to disclose personal information is deemed rational by this site in order to protect the interests, assets, safety, etc. of this site or a third party.
  • ■Amendment or Stopping Usage of Personal Information

    If you wish to amend your personal information, stop its use, etc., please contact us through the Contact page. Once we have confirmed your identity, we will comply promptly.
  • ■Revisions to the Privacy Policy

    We intend to review and revise at any time this Privacy Policy as required in order to reflect feedback from customers. When posting the revised version of this Privacy Policy, the site will also update the Last Modified date on this page. Any major changes to this Privacy Policy or to our methods for protecting the personal information of users will be clearly presented in a way that brings attention to them before these changes are implemented. Please check this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to check how this site is protecting the information of its customers and users.(Last Modified: Jan. 7, 2021)
  • ■Inquiries Related to Our Personal Information Protection Initiatives

    Personal Information Protection Administrator, Lapis
    Mail :